Greg Brown at your service.

Hey everybody! My name is Greg Brown. I’ve been involved in sports, almost my whole life. I started in 4th grade and did every sport they had available. I ran cross country, basketball, wrestled, and track and field. Later I took basketball off the list and put football on it. Then in high school, I started weight lifting.

After high school, I focused on my career and family and fell off of the exercise wagon. I was 165lbs, but over the years, I slowly put on weight from a bad diet and no exercise. I noticed that this was affecting my confidence, and I knew that I was better than this. I also noticed that my diet was out of control. I would eat until I hurt. It didn’t take long before I was 230lbs. That’s 65lbs of fat! Its amazing what kind of punishment the body can take. I knew it was time to do something. I was embarrassed to take my shirt off. So, I said enough is enough.