Greg is the best! I’ve been training with him for years and he has kept me in great shape. He’s given me customized routines that work and are not boring. I have certain limitations that made it difficult for me to stay in shape, but with his nutrition, sleep, and exercise advice, I’ve managed to improve and hit my goals. I could not have done it without him.

JaNae C.

Having Greg for a trainer has been one of the best decisions I’ve made concerning my health. He has a program set up for me that has helped me reach my goals. He also has a partner plan. Bring a friend and get a discounted group price. That made me feel more comfortable. Greg Brown is the best!

I have just started with Greg, and the first day I noticed A difference in the workout I was doing verses the workout Greg set up for me. My pumps are better and the weight is dropping off. 5 stars Mr. Brown!

Jimmy M.

I’ve been doing this for years. I’m not a newbie to the scene, but I felt that my way wasn’t exactly working for me. I saw Greg at the gym training other folks and asked him a few questions. I was impressed with his answers. I signed up and never looked back. Greg found a progressive routine for me that makes it possible to reach my specific goals. I would definitely recommend GB to anyone. He is the best around.


I had a fire under my ass and had one goal in mind. Lose this weight! I knew the gym was the right answer, but when I got there I was a little lost. I kept going, but I noticed that nothing much had changed. One day I saw Greg at the gym. I knew him from high school, so it was good to see a friend at the gym. He was in good condition, so I asked him some questions and started training with him, and the next thing I know I’m down 100 lbs. I would recommend Greg to anyone who wants to see a difference soon!